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 1. General statements

UN DX CONTEST is organized and held by the national amateur radio society The Kazakhstan Federation of Radiosport and Radioamateur (KFRR).

 2. Contest Period, Bands and Modes

Contest period: 06.00 UTC 19 May 2018 – 21.00 UTC 19 May 2018

Bands: 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m (according to the IARU band plan for HF contests).

Modes: CW and SSB

Participants: Licensed radio amateurs and club stations from all over the world and SWLs.

 3. Entry categories

SO-AB-MIX-HP — Single Op, All Bands, mixed, Hi Power

SO-AB-MIX-LP — Single Op, All Bands, mixed, Low Power (up to 100 watts)

SO-AB-CW-HP — Single Op, All Bands, CW only, Hi Power

SO-AB-CW-LP — Single Op, All Bands, CW only, Low Power (up to 100 watts)

SO-AB-SSB-HP —  Single Op, All Bands, SSB only, Hi Power

SO-AB-SSB-LP — Single Op, All Bands, SSB only, Low Power (up to 100 watts)

SO-SB80-MIX — Single Op, Single band (80m), mixed

SO-SB40-MIX — Single Op, Single band (40m), mixed

SO-SB20-MIX — Single Op, Single band (20m), mixed

SO-SB15-MIX — Single Op, Single band (15m), mixed

SO-SB10-MIX — Single Op, Single band (10m), mixed

MO-AB-MIX — Multi Op, All Bands, Single transmitter, mixed

SWL — Short Wave Listeners

CHECK LOG — LOG for Control

 4. Special terms of Competition

4.1 Contest call: CQ UN TEST.

4.2 Number of band changes is not limited for all entry categories.

4.3 Participant of the contest should make contacts and fill in the log by himself only.

4.4 Only one signal can be transmitted at any time.

4.5 Single Operator participants may declare in only one category of the contest, but contacts can be made on other bands or other modes for a check log.

4.6 Using DX-cluster networks is permitted.

4.7 Self-spotting is forbidden.

4.8 Any callsign in the SWL log should not be repeated more than 5 times per hour.

 5. Exchange

5.1 Kazakhstan stations send RS(T) report plus KDA award district code.

5.2 Non-Kazakhstan stations should send RS(T) report plus progressive serial number, starting with 001 for the first contact.

 6. Contact points

6.1 Kazakhstan stations:

— QSO within the country – 2 points,

— QSO between stations on the same continent, but different countries – 3 points,

— QSO between stations on different continents – 5 points.

6.2 Non-Kazakhstan stations:

— QSO with Kazakhstan station – 10 points (doesn’t depend on the continent),

— QSO within the same country – 2 points,

— QSO between stations on the same continent, but different countries – 3 points,

— QSO between stations on different continents – 5 points.

Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band and the same mode. If the first contact between stations is valid, dupes have 0 points value. If the first contact is not valid, second (dupe) contact is accepted. Dupe contacts are not penalized; one does not have to mark them in the log submission. Moreover, participants are strictly recommended to keep records of DUPES in the log file.

For SWLs an one-way observation (received both callsigns but only one control number) gives 1 point and a two-way observation (both callsigns and both control numbers) gives three points.


 7. Multipliers

Two multipliers are counted:

— One multiplier (1) for each different KDA district contacted on each band.

— One multiplier (1) for each different DXCC country on each band.

The multiplier is counted once for each band, regardless of mode.

 8. Final Score

The final score is a total contact points number multiplied by the total amount of KDA districts and DXCC countries.

 9. Submission of Logs

9.1 Only electronic (Cabrillo) logs are permitted .

9.2 The log file name should be <callsign>.cbr or <callsign>.log (e.g. UN9XYZ.log)

9.3 Log should be sent as an email attachment. The subject line of an E-mail with your log must contain your callsign and category (e.g. UN9XYZ SO-AB-CW-LP)

9.4 We recommend participants to include EMAIL tag containing valid email address in order to send UBN files and other information (e.g. EMAIL:

9.5 It is also recommended to specify any additional information, such as sports title, club membership, impressions and wishes in the log header.

9.6 Log sample is shown is here.

9.7 All entries must be emailed NO LATER than 15 days after the contest Logs, received after that date, are submitted as CHECK LOGS.

9.8 Electronic log must be submitted as an attachment to or uploaded on UNDXC websaite:

9.9 By sending the log a contest participant allows the log to be publicly opened and shown

 10. Jury and penalties

10.1 Participants may be disqualified for breaking rules of the contest and amateur radio regulations.

10.2 In case of errors in a call sign logging, no points are counted for both participants.

10.3 Contact is valid, if a time difference in both logs does not exceed 3 minutes.

10.4 Jury can decide to correct systematic errors while logs checking. Auxiliary information from participants can be requested in this case.

10.5 Consistent error may be corrected in case of a large number of logged contacts with the same time drift or a band mismatch. Consistent error will be acknowledged in case of logging serial number instead of KDA district if a district is clearly marked in a file header (LOCATION:  L17), and in case of a formal base errors.

10.6 Jury decision is final.

 11. Awards

Non-Kazakhstan stations:

11.1 Plaques are awarded to winners in each  category, if  the number of participants in this

category is not less than ten, otherwise winners are awarded with a diploma.

11.2 Participants who took 2rd and 3rd places and SWLs who took 1rd, 2rd and 3rd places are awarded with diplomas.

11.3 All participants will be awarded with a special electronically issued certificate (except CHECK LOGs) in case of making 150 contacts (according with paragraph 4.5 of the rules).

11.4 Additional awards can be issued by sponsors.